Digital Stereoscopic 3D Filming Principles

by Jijo Punnoose (Director of S3D movies MY DEAR KUTTICHATTAN / CHOTA CHETAN)

3D (stereoscopic) Imaging originated much before photography itself. Full color dual stream (polorised glasses) is the best known 3D experience till date. This has its origin in 1940s by people like Poloroid's Dr. Land who invented industrial polorisers. Two Gurus of this medium's susequent development in filmmaking are (1) The optical scientist Chris Condon (Century Optics/ Stereovision/ Isco, under whom Navodaya╩╝s personnel including myself had our training), and (2) Academician Lenny Lipton (author Foundations of Stereoscopic Cinema) who now heads the RealD supplying 3D projection solutions for new generation digital cinema. It was Condon╩╝s collaborator Stereographer Mr. John Rupkalvis who devised the reticle used in 3D camera viewfinders. It helps calculate the parallax between the right/left images and allows the setting of convergence (a parameter that needs to be followed as lens focus, if eyestrain is to be avoided)

Download 3D filming Principles PDF here.

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